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Inspire, Aspire

Progress is Success.

- Coach Tennille

Passionate and professional - 20 years of real experience working with people just like YOU.

My desire to become a Motivational Coach arose out of what I saw time and time again, individuals who were not doing what they truly loved, not living the Life they dreamed of but had much to offer. What stopped them, I wondered? Yes, there's many obstacles in Life but an overwhelming majority didn't have confidence and were demotivated.


I’ve had the pleasure of working as a staffing and recruitment professional, primarily, in the staffing industry for 20 years, but I always felt there was something missing. I always admired people who were not afraid to put themselves out there, take charge and just be who they are. I knew I had it in me to make a difference because I thoroughly enjoy engaging with people, helping them figure things out, acting as a sound board to their fears, ideas and anything else while making them feel like it was a safe haven without judgement.


The catalyst was in 2020 when, like many others, my job was affected by the pandemic. I had an epiphany that now was the time to really step out and do what those people I had admired in the past did and unleash my powerhouse. It was now or never - I chose to live in the ‘now’ and make things happen as a Motivational Coach. I asked myself, “Why not? What am I waiting for?”


If you feel like this now or if these feelings have been lingering for some time, ask yourself the same question and get started.


My mission is to help you map your next steps, set goals, take charge and get you where you want to go in Life. Pursue your greatest potential and do not let another minute go by. Let us get ready to unleash your powerhouse capabilities.


- Coach Tennille


My Professional Journey

I started my career in 2000 working for a leading, global staffing firm, building my experience in Administration and Staffing before closing that chapter of my career as a Talent Acquisition Lead for a technology consulting firm in 2020.

As the Team Lead of a group focused on locating and hiring a high volume of candidates, I was responsible for interfacing with executive leaders across multiple departments to help build consensus and achieve organizational objectives. I performed a full range of key HR functions, including, talent acquisition, training, onboarding, staffing, and performance management. Additionally, I devised recruitment strategies and managed clients while helping the company to steadily flourish.

As an experienced professional, it was later on in my career that I decided to formalize my years of experience with higher education and pursue studies in HR Management at Seneca College. Prior to this and at the beginning of my career, I attended Seneca and pursued an entirely different field (many people can relate!) in aesthetics with a plan to start up a business. I later fell in love with Human Resources because of the fulfillment I received from the high level of individual engagement, including coming up with solutions. Additionally, I obtained a Certificate for ‘Leadership in a Turbulent World’ from Ontario Tech University and obtained my Life Skills Coaching Certificate from George Brown College with a plan to help drive an individual's  personal and professional growth and fulfillment.


Let my combination of  education, experience and passion be a catalyst for your next great step forward, whether it be career or otherwise. Coaching is my calling to help others achieve great success and I’m excited to start this journey with you.


Let us unleash your true powerhouse capabilities.

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