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I've been thinking a lot about time, lately. There's been so many ups and downs, especially throughout this seemingly never-ending pandemic, but at the end of the day, the pressure that time can have on goal-setting can be stressful professionally, personally, spiritually and otherwise.

I went on hiatus for a long time as health issues ensued and though I didn't lose sight of my goals, I pressed 'pause' on it all. Yes. Before being a Coach, I am a human! Initially, I felt guilt for not achieving those goals within a certain timeframe but I realized that the race is truly not for the swift. There was no need to feel guilty or be hard on myself for not doing something within a certain timeframe. Whose clock was I on, anyway? Life got in the way and I had to reset, regroup and re-prioritize what was best for me in the moment. You can have goals but you also must feel ready and when the time feels right - it's right.

So, as you think about what goals you want to achieve, just remember it's ok if it's not always "on time". Reflect on your needs and what feels right - don't be afraid to press that 'pause' button. You are in the driver's seat and don't forget - you're human, too!

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