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Updated: Mar 4

Lessons learned, discoveries made and changes on the horizon where career was concerned.

A life-changing time period for many, 2020 was the year of reflection, renewal, revitalization, and reset. It was a journey that many of us never experienced before and may not again for a long time. The ‘4 R’s’ centered a lot around lessons that we learned, discoveries made and changes on the horizon where career was concerned. If this year taught us nothing else, it certainly taught us that life is short, and things can change unexpectedly.

Thus, while we are here, why not make the best of it? Why not pursue passions, take chances, transition into new territories, and just go for it? Yes, things are easier said than done but isn't taking baby steps success unto itself?

Imagine waking up to get ready for what you love to do, whether it be starting your own business or making a career transition. Just imagine the freedom of doing what you love to do!

No more dreading Mondays, no more feeling like you went above and beyond for something that never has or no longer feels holistic to who you really are as an individual, no more wishing you were in a role that you really wanted but for one reason or the other, never quite met you. The first step is having a heart to heart with yourself and doing the some real soul searching. This is a step that many of us overlook, sometimes intentional and sometimes not because there is a fear of what we will find. If you take a moment, you may be pleasantly surprised and if not, what steps do you want to take to change that?

It is a difficult process, I get it. But there must be a point in one’s life where you consider the following: If you are going to spend tons of waking hours working, why can’t it be what you have always wanted to do? I believe it is never too late, and it is about re-grouping, looking at the big picture, identifying root causes for what lead you to where you are in your professional life and identifying solutions to get you where you want to be.

Let's start this journey on a ‘YOU’ note because it really is all about YOU and pursuing your career passions because YOU are a powerhouse.

Coach Tennille

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